Friday, December 5, 2008


Just because there hasn’t been a report in awhile doesn’t mean we are not still out there taking care of any wildlife imbalances. WhoDaMan with his faithful companion SonOfDaMan were called on once again by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department or TPWD for short to take care of a mangrove snapper population that had gotten completely out of hand and was ravaging the shrimp population of Corpus Christi Bay or CCB for short.

I called the local newspaper to report that we were the only volunteers that showed up to help out the shrimp on CCB

The local outdoors writer said he would help so we went back out and did it to them again.

Sometimes you discover your ice chest is not quite big enough.

I noticed a Navy Veteran and asked him if he had caught anything.

He said no so we gave him some fish and ice…he looked me in the eye and said “God Bless You Mister”. I told him he had and I was sharing the blessing…and “God Bless You for protecting our country”…we shook hands and I wished he had a bigger ice chest.

SonOfDaMan was not quite satisfied with catching gar with rod and real so he has started hand lining them.

We ended up catching 4 of them this way.

Besides giving fish to the veteran some also went to a widow in the church which she really appreciated as she hasn’t been fishing in awhile. This helped make more room in the freezer so we can keep going too.

A report showed up in the paper about some of our adventures and can be viewed at make sure you look at the photo gallery for the article.

The duck season split is happening now and by the time it opens we should have a fowl report (pardon the pun). SonOfDaMan has volunteered to assist me in finding ambush spots for the white bass migration that should start happening soon. More pictures are on the website.

That is all we know at this time.... this is your "WhoDaMan" reporter on the Redneck Riviera bringing you another almost live...with an auto balanced and resized digital color report.
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