Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Radioactive fish near nuclear plant said ordinary but radioactive worms are out of ordinary

Buddy Toepfer outdoor reporter for “The Redneck Riviera Free Press”

Bay City, TX. - When a fish taken from the Matagorda River recently tested positive for radioactive strontium-90, suspicion focused on the nearby South Texas nuclear plant as the likely source.

Operators of the troubled 38-year-old nuclear plant, where work is under way to clean up leaking radioactive tritium, revealed this month that it also found soil contaminated with strontium-90.

Three days later, officials said a fish caught four miles upstream from the reactor in February had tested positive for strontium-90 in its bones. State officials say they don't believe the contamination came from South Texas Nuke.

I did some digging near the plant and found these radioactive earth worms. I discovered a new heavy metal that I named Wormium-243. It gave the night crawlers their green glow. On a plus side they caught more fish at night than the standard night crawler.

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