Thursday, July 16, 2009


There was lots of action both on and off the water here on the Redneck Riviera. I did 2 cooking demonstrations for the deaf and hearing impaired. The first one was for the senior group.

I called to the Kiolbassa Sausage folks in San Antonio and told them what I was doing and they sent them all $5 coupons for their sausage.

Then Friday we did the youth group…

When they surveyed the kids they said they would rather have a cooking demo than go to the aquarium. That really made me feel special and I was glad I could get them coupons also.

I shared recipes and they ate up all the demonstrated recipes.

There will be lots more pictures on the website later…all that cooking made me hungry for some more fish…so

And the son caught one only its mother could love.

The all filleted up good and I will probably work in another demo for the senior group featuring fish.

For those that voted for the dessert thanks and you can keep voting till the 19th once a day Red White and Blue Contest. It is the Red White & Blue Rice Cream Sundae and it sure was a hit with the kids down here. Sorry yall I didn’t know there was some kind of sign up to vote and I won’t ever get in one of that contest again. I will give the prize money to the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Center here in Corpus to help them out a little. I have a post on the site back about page 12 that says so too.

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That is all we know at this time.... this is your "WhoDaMan" reporter on the Redneck Riviera bringing you another almost live...with an auto balanced and resized digital color report.
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