Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Here on the Redneck Riviera we experienced hurricane force winds with the passage of a front. Santa wanted to make another duck hunt after delivering all the Christmas presents so I said sure (who am I to tell Santa no). When we got there the camouflage duck sledge was all torn to heck and back. Needless to say the elves will have some work to do getting it back in shape. I told him to consider landscape timbers and plywood next time and plan on just leaving it down here. He said it would take a few more reindeer to get it down here but would be worth it.

I kind of propped things back and threw out some decoys cuz there was bunches of ducks flying around. Yep if you look close that isn’t smoke but a cloud of ducks on the horizon.

Well a little expert calling and Santa bagged the 13 species of duck since I have been down here. A really nice bufflehead that he is planning on having mounted cuz there aren’t any of them up on the North Pole.

He said he was ready to head on back and I said “What’s the hurry? Dove season is open lets go try for some.”

SonOfDaMan came along and made a most excellent shot almost decapitating a dove with his shotgun.

Santa’s shooting was not quite as good as with the duck hunting but he still got 4 in an hour and it was time to head back to the North Pole and start working on next years gifts.

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Save the sea grass shoot a duck...<*)}}}><>

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