Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Short and Sweet

It has been awhile since the last report and folks are asking if WhoDaMan & SonOfDaMan have hung up their rods early this year…NOT…we are still catching them when we have a chance to go. The fresh water fish have been hammered and the overpopulation of fish has now been put under control. Now that the freshwater echo system is corrected (catfish, South American armored catfish, bigmouth sleeper, shad and gar somewhat) we will start working on the saltwater ones.

DaughterOfDaMan & SonInLawOfDaMan have been tearing them up in the cooking competitions…too many pictures to post all of them so you can check them out on these links.




As always we will try and keep the websites http://www.etoepfer.texfly.com/ and http://www.buddysblends.com/ up to date. There will be a new category page on the http://www.etoepfer.texfly.com/ featuring what WhoDaMan & SonOfDaMan have done here on the Redneck Riviera to clean up the river…we use it and hate to see folks abuse it. This will be the last report for awhile cuz WhoDaMan will be back in Victoria working on the Redneck Riviera Power Grid…right after that we head to Mazatlan for the 4th of July celebration.

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