Friday, July 18, 2008


Well finally getting some time to update the status of the Redneck Riviera. Took a well deserved brake to pillage and plunder the natural resources of Mexico over the 4th of July.

I was told I look a lot like bad he didn't have sunglasses.

Currents were still not favorable for marlin but had 2 sailfish and 75 lbs. of Dorado fillets.

SonOfDaMan packing out fish fillets. There was no room in the ice chest for the time...heck of a strike on the bait not to catch it.

This is an FYI yall…if you fill up a 48 quart ice chest with fillets you will be over the weight limit for the airlines. Check out the fish tacos Allison made with some of the fish.

SonOfDaMan did his part catching the largest dolphin of his harvesting life. He also picked up the tap on his own boat one day…that helped WhoDaMan go out for an extra day.

I also had the largest stringer of Dorado of my extensive harvesting career.

Nourishment was high on the agenda to keep up the strength for fishing.

Days between fishing left some time for relaxing and taking in the views

Sunsets were a good as you would want and helped settle the belly.

I couldn't believe how big trees had gotten since the last time I was there.

Here in Victoria WhoDaMan recommends Taco Loco’s Magnum Breakfast Burrito…this will keep you going I promise.

It consists of 3 eggs, sausage, bacon, potato, chorizo and cheese…YUM.

That is all we know at this time.... this is your "WhoDaMan" reporter on the Redneck Riviera bringing you another almost live...with an autobalanced and resized digital color report.
Hawaiian shirts are everyday attire on the Redneck Riviera.
Become a Member Of The
White Shrimper Boot Club
The Redneck Riviera a drinking community with a serious fishing problem

WhoDaMan now has the latest high definition chip for the GPS sonar combo and will be venturing to the inland lakes in order to balance my bodies PH from consuming so much saltwater fish over the years. Stay tune for some exciting freshwater action. Come on down when you get a chance while there are plenty of them biting.

This is WhoDaMan signing off.

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