Monday, August 11, 2008


SonOfDaMan has captures one of the strangest spiders I have ever seen. Of course the Redneck Riviera is probably the only place the spider has probably ever been spotted. WhoDaMan was given off Sunday and headed back to the Riviera to help build the trailer to hall the Redneck Riviera Shuttle Craft or RRSC for short. This aquatic craft will be used to pillage, plunder and generally terrorize wildlife on the upper Nueces Bay as well as the Lugna Madre later this summer, fall and winter for years to come. A video link will be placed on http://www.etoepfer.texfly/ soon but for now all video's can be seen at

The blog will be up dated for archiving purposes.

That is all for now...only 1 month left before I will be finished in Victoria and back on the Riviera again...Come on down and get some fish cuz when I get back there wont be as many after I get back as there are now.

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