Monday, May 10, 2010


WhoDaMan got word that the bite was on for catfish and goo so of course I had to investigate being I hate missing out on a bite. I had some crawfish from last year frozen in water and figured that would work but it didn’t. I only had 4 goo and I brought them home and after filleting them I baited a few traps.

It was kind Biblical turning 4 fish into a 48 quart ice chest of fresh crawfish.

So I figured the Good Lord wanted me to go back and thin out some of the goo and who am I to argue with him so I went back on my way to the job site.

If it looks like I am straining to pick up these 17 fish it’s because I am…so I will continue to work out by increasing the amount of fish I catch. One thing I learned was to know the capacity of your ice chest and try not to exceed it.

That way you know when to stop fishing when the ice chest is full.

And always pack light. I found out 1 rod was all I really needed. WhoDaMan was fishing by Cecilie and her family that had a great Mothers Day Catch.

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